All Washed Up!

(Available only from J. Garnet Miller and Cressrelles Ltd)

Alex               Male Stagehand    

                      young (ish)

Jeffrey            Stage Manager

Poppy             Prompter

Bea                 Props/Costumes 

Lawrence        Director

Jasmine           Leading Lady/Dame

Rupert             Leading Man/Baron

Old Woman/Fairy

Voice of Amanda

Sound and Lighting team

(Real or imaginary)

​        David Valentine Original Pantomimes

Babes in the Wood


Hermione          (Babe1) 

Harry                (Babe2)

Bodgit               ( Henchman1)

Scarper             (Henchman2)

Whack               (Henchman3)

Maid Marion      (Aaah)

Little John

Robin Hood        (Hooray!)

Sheriff                (Boo!)

Alan-a-Dale        (Opt. Troubadour)

Will Scarlet

School Teacher

King Richard      (A disguised Villager)

Villagers Chorus

Schoolkids          Children or chorus


Humpty Dumpty

Lord of Misrule          (Mule)

Humpty Dumpty

Town Crier                 (Member of


King Hard-Boiled

Queen Omelette

Princess Souffle

Flip                          (One of the King's


Nog                          (Another Henchman)

Fairy Nuff

Fairy Average


Troubadour                   (Optional)


Talent Show              Children or Chorus