​        David Valentine Original Pantomimes

Humpty Dumpty

The Sun always shines in Eggland, and it only ever rains at night. The magic that Humpty Dumpty bestows means that everyone has a very easy time of it until ......

Suddenly the Lord of Misrule (Mule) is sent to Eggland. His magic has gone wonky, and he accidentally breaks Humpty, resulting in Ice and Snow and a very cold and fed up King.

His daughter Souffle is about to come of age, and a ball is held to try and cheer everyone up. The King and Queens' incompetent men attempt to decorate the palace, with disastrous consequences! Also there is a search for talent for the entertainment at the ball (the 'Eggs Factor!' - oh yes) (This can be used as an opportunity to involve children if wished)

Unbeknown to the King he has 2 Fairy Godmothers- Fairy Nuff and Fairy Average- who are well past their sell-by dates. They battle with the Mule to try to get his magic reversed.

As usual love conquers all at the Princesses' coming of age masked Ball.-

All Washed Up!

All Washed Up! is a two-act play which is part Play, part Pantomime, part mayhem!

Tensions rise during the local repertory company's rehearsal of their latest production - 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They have resorted, against their artistic principles, to attempting to stage a Panto in order to revive their flagging finances.

However, technical and emotional problems ensure that the dress rehearsal doesn't run smoothly; especially with having a stage manager who is also the 'Health and Safety' rep, a leading man who's wandering hands lead him into trouble with his wealthy wife and a Director who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Can Jasmine, the leading lady who thinks she is slumming it by appearing in a Panto, 'persuade' an old flame to grant them a stay of execution?

Babes in the Wood

Nurse is accompanying the 2 Babes on their journey to live with their Uncle in Nottingham. He is the wicked Sheriff, and when he realises that he would inherit his brother's fortune if the Babes did not live to the age of 16, he plots to use his 2 incompetent henchmen to do away with them. There is a schoolroom scene which gives the opportunity to use children in the Panto if wished. The Sheriff's men are tasked with baking a poisonous cake - with hilarious consequences.

Robin Hood and his (her) men rescue the Babes and Robin falls in love with the Sheriff's Ward (Maid Marion)

The Sheriff does not give his permision for them to marry until one of the villagers turns out to be King Richard in disguise, - who sorts everything out and they all live happy ever after!